Annual post-secondary Educational Grant

Our annual post-secondary educational grant is awarded to a deserving young adult resident of Chocolá. This grant will allow students to attend Guatemalan universities and major in areas such as archaeology, business, agriculture, medicine, education and hospitality/tourism.


Personal Growth and Development

Our first encounter with a local resident introduced us to Victor Diaz Can. A promising scholar and dedicated worker, Victor was unable to pursue a formal University education without financial assistance. Amigos decided to sponsor Victor’s educational journey. He attended Universidad de Galileo in Matzetenango, Guatemala, achieving the requirements for his Bachelor’s degree. Victor has become a valuable worker, leader and resource in Chocolá. He now serves his community in various capacities, and is a member of the Amigos de Chocolá board of directors.


 Building and Renovating Library

The old town library was transformed in 2010 with assistance from the Reiken Foundation and generous funding from Seeds For A Future (Semillas Para el Futuro). Amigos has contributed books, computers and other resources to the library and continues to collect and distribute resources that will aid in community-wide learning. The Learning Center is open for many hours each day and is available to students and adults alike. Amigos scholarship students often tutor and mentor children who are beginning their life of learning in the library. Your donation will help sustain the valuable resources the library offers all residents.
The library is undergoing another transition. In the spring of 2014 the library moved to a new, updated location in the village. Books, computers and other learning aids are still available, however new resources are needed to enhance the learning experience for youth and adults. Your donations will help keep this facility a place to gather and learn together.