Amigos Announces College Scholarship Program

Leland H. Chambers, a founding board member of Amigos de Chocola, had a strong passion for education, helping the underserved and teaching the Spanish language. Leland (Lee) Chambers passed away in early 2017 while still serving as a board member emeritus for Amigos. It was only fitting that the Board of Directors initiated the “Leland Chambers Memorial College Scholarship Fund” to help deserving students from Chocola attend university in Guatemala; students who would not be able to attend without financial assistance. During 2018, students will apply for funding. At least one student will be awarded a scholarship for the 2019 school year. Preparations for beginning university study will take place over the coming months. Amigos staff will assist in this preparation and will help the student select the appropriate course and campus for study. We know there are many more deserving students who want to attend university. Our challenge is to raise sufficient funds over the coming months and years to enable several students to realize their educational dreams beyond high school. Please consider a gift to the “Leland Chambers Memorial College Scholarship Fund” and help support education in Chocola.

Scholarship Students Win Academic Awards

End of the year academic award ceremonies highlighted several of our scholarship students.  While the schools recognized our students for their achievements in the classroom, Amigos recognizes these same students for their community service work in the village.  All of our scholarship students participated in the renewal of the Central “Triangle” Park in Chocola that included a full cleanup, construction of flood walls, construction of park benches and reshaping of the trees and shrubs that adorn the area.  Residents can now enjoy a public space free of litter and other debris, thanks to the hard work of their students.  It is win-win for Chocola!

Students who received academic honors include:

Blanca Carolina Menchu

Maycko Ixquiatap Salvador

Tomas Ranferi Tzuban

Jhony Mijangos de Leon

Wilmer Vladimir Ayala

Sadary Ajcac

Bryan Enriquez Carlos

Tomas Ranferi Tzuban

Jenrry Estuardo Tambriz

Volunteers Return From Their trip to Chocola

October 14-21 2017

Our volunteer trip to Chocola this past October opened new doors to this small rural village. Meeting with students is always the highlight of our visit. We always come away with a new and healthy respect for their dedication to education. Their work both in and out of school is a testament to a determination of making themselves and their community better able to face their daily challenges. Our students embraced us with their enthusiasm for learning about their world and ours. Our English teaching skills were not the best, but the will to learn made up for it. Visits to our partner organizations, Wuqu’ Kawoq and Semillas Para el Futuro brought a wider range of understanding about life in Chocola to our volunteers. Touring the surrounding area helped enrich our understanding of the life and culture of Guatemala.

The four days and nights we spent in the village revealed a strong sense of community despite what we all agree is a difficult place to live. Each morning the sun rose over the volcanoes in the east, casting a bright gleam of hope for a new day. It rained some days but cleared at night to reveal the bright stars that lit the sky. Volunteers enjoyed the fresh air and the lush landscape. Chocola has become a bustling village during the day with new businesses and homes springing up all around. While the schools still struggle to find the needed resources to offer a high level education for their students, Amigos is determined to offer the assistance necessary to reach news heights for the students and their families in the field of education. News about upcoming initiatives in education will be forthcoming.
Our volunteers came away with a sense of satisfaction that our students and all the students we visited are eagerly learning and doing their best to improve their lives and the lives of neighbors in their community.

Amigos Scholarship Students at Takalik Abaj

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